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Footsteps Care - Grants


footsteps care continues to provide grants and respite care grants to patients and carers.

Our convalescent grants aim to assist patients with the cost of convalescent care in nursing homes or with support to enable them to recuperate at home. We provide one off grants to patients in need of convalescent care, following surgical or medical treatment in hospital, when no public beds are available, and they would be unable to fund a private bed themselves.

The grants are available countrywide and will usually cover the cost of one week's nursing home care or equivalent cost to cover other convalescent support while recovering from a hospital stay. This could mean some support in the home if the patient would prefer to recuperate in their own home after their hospital stay. The aim of the grant is to provide assistance to enable the patient to return to independent living.

We are now also providing grants towards the cost of respite care. These grants are available to persons needing respite care when HSE grants are unavailable due to covid-19 restrictions or have already been accessed and no further funding is available from the HSE. Respite Care Grants are only considered if the HSE grants have already been accessed and it is considered by the Home Care Team that an additional week’s respite is necessary for the carer.

All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and should, in the first instance, come from social workers, GPs or other healthcare professionals. Application forms are available on request or can be downloaded from our website. For further information or to make an application please contact footsteps care via email