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Fitness to Practise Legal Expense Cover

The IASW provides Fitness to Practise Legal Expenses cover FREE to the 'working' membership categories; Full-Time, Part-Time (20hrs or less) and 1st Year Post Qualify members.

The IASW Fitness to Practise Policy Offers the Following: 

The IASW Master policy for Fitness to Practise includes a certificate of insurance that each member will receive individually from our insurance provider, ARC Legal Assistance.  

The IASW is offering a superior insurance coverage, summarised as follows – 

  • The IASW policy is a legal contract that is binding and enforceable in a court of law, the same as any other insurance policy.
  • We specify the amount the insurance provider is prepared to make available to a member to defend a FTP situation.
  • The IASW policy is per member on an individual basis. Most importantly each member has a ring fenced legal expenses limit of €250,000 that is unique to them and is not being provided on a discretionary basis.
  • IASW insurers are also very experienced in this area both here in Ireland and in the UK.  



A) IASW provides members in the 'working' categories with Fitness to Practise Legal Expenses insurance. This insurance will only respond to matters initiated by CORU that have occurred after the inception date of the insurance. Any matters that arose prior to the IASW initial membership date i.e. the date you joined are not insured under this facility. 

B) The Fitness to Practise Legal Expenses insurance that IASW have purchased on behalf of members only covers current IASW members. An individual has to be a member of IASW at the time that a CORU process commences. If membership is cancelled or lapsed then the individual concerned no longer has the benefit of the this important insurance



As soon as You have a legal problem that You may require assistance with under this insurance You should telephone the IASW office on 01 677 4838 or

If You need a lawyer to act for You and Your problem is covered under this insurance, the IASW will assist You by submitting Your claim details to Us.

In general terms, You are required to immediately notify Us of any potential claim or circumstances which may give rise to a claim. If You are in doubt whether a matter constitutes a notifiable claim or circumstance, contact the Legal Helpline.

Alternatively, You can telephone the Legal Helpline on 1890 868 000 for legal advice on any problem occurring under this policy within the Republic of Ireland.