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World Social Work Day: Social and Economic Crises – Social Work Solutions

  • Wynns Hotel, Lr Abbey Street, Dublin
  • 9.30 Registration, Event 10 - 12.45 followed by lunch
  • 21 Mar 2014
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The IASW is celebrating World Social Work Day. The theme this year is Social and Economic Crises – Social Work Solutions.

We are delighted that Rory Truell, Sec-Gen of the IFSW will be with us to address the theme on the day. 

Speakers on the key topics of the day include social workers Maeve Forman, TCD, Liz Gregan, Adult Mental Health Services and Patrice Reilly, Primary Care.

Further details of the event and speakers to be announced. 

Since 2011, the International Federation of Social Workers has made repeated statements about the negative effects of the financial crisis – the gap between the rich and poor growing and has called for more equitable societies.  IFSW Europe continues to lobby at various levels in the EU about the devastating effects of austerity and has stated that austerity has affected to a greater degree those who are already marginalised.

IFSW has called on governments to support social workers in their efforts to help the vulnerable and to protect their working conditions.

Social work is under increasing pressure on a number of fronts.  Social workers across Europe feel disempowered and marginalised by the increasing managerialism, discriminatory legislation and policy developments.

During 2013, IFSW reinforced its focus on engaging-in and shaping political outcomes with social work perspectives and solutions.  The IFSW’s aim has been to provide space for social workers to articulate their points of view in regional and global forums.  This action has been met with enthusiasm from the United Nations, European Union and other international policy bodies who are increasingly recognising that social workers have expert insights in the daily realities of where policy and people interact.

The key topics for World Social Work Action 2014 are

  • Promoting equality and equity
  • Enabling people to living life sustainably
  • Facilitating caring communities
  • Building participation
  • Respecting diversity – connecting people


Each of the topics above will be the subject of a 15-minute presentation showing how social workers are responding through their work in finding solutions to the effects of the current austerity. As the theme suggests, the focus is on solutions and the particular slant that the social worker brings to finding/implementing the solution(s) whether individually or as a member of a team – the difference that makes the difference!