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FULLY BOOKED Advance Practice Skills Workshop with Dr Pamela Trevithick

  • Wisdom Centre, Sophia Housing, Cork Street
  • Registration 9.00, Workshop 9.30 - 4.15
  • 25 May 2016

Price €20 members/ €40 non-members

This workshop will look at the advanced practice skills and the underpinning knowledge needed when working with the complex problems and difficult emotions regularly encountered in social work.


Price includes lunch and refreshments


Workshop Aims

The event will present a lexicon of 80 skills and interventions and discuss the core skills that are evident in almost every encounter (listening/observation skills, non-verbal communication, empathy, etc). In particular, it will demonstrate some of the advanced practice skills that are needed when working with defensive reactions and intense emotions, and how an understanding of psychosocial and systemic thinking can illuminate our understanding and effectiveness when working with challenging individuals and situations. This coverage will include the importance of relationships and relationship-based practice and what we mean by the term ‘use of self’ – a term which describes how we ‘come across’ as people and professionals and the default facial and body positions we adopt. A central feature of this workshop will involve sharing our experiences and exploring these themes in an atmosphere that is enjoyable, supportive, energising and fun.

Dr Pamela Trevithick

Dr. Pamela Trevithick is the Visiting Professor in Social Work at Buckinghamshire New University. She is the author of the best-selling text Social Work Skills and Knowledge: A Practice Handbook (Open University Press) – a book that has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish and Korean – with a recent addition published by Rawat Publications for the Indian market. Since her retirement and the publication of her 3rd edition text in 2012, she has delivered over 120 conference presentations, lectures and workshops at home and abroad. These presentations cover a range of themes including: the knowledge and skills base of social work; the impact of defences and defensiveness on practice; and the importance of emotions and ‘use of self’ in relationship-based practice. Her latest research interests are covered in two publications on (1) the impact of managerialism on social work and (2) the importance of the concept ‘use of self’ which will available to participants. Dr Trevithick is a feminist and activist and involved in campaigns to promote human right and against the outsourcing and selling-off of public services.