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FULLY BOOKED Resilience for Managers

  • Our Lady's Hospice
  • 8.45 Registration, 9.30 Event
  • 17 Sep 2016

This particular self-care CPD programme is specific to the needs of managers


This is a HSE funded one-day interdisciplinary event organised by the CPD Officers Network for OT, SLT, Social Work, Physiotherapy and Dietetic managers from all clinical areas and will be held once in Cork and once in Dublin.


Aims of the Training:

This particular self-care CPD programme is specific to the needs of managers. It aims to provide you with an opportunity to create a space for yourself to get away from your daily stresses and strains. You will have an opportunity to reflect on your life and learn what science has uncovered about becoming healthier, happier and more resilient.

Psychologist Shane Martin will focus on simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into your life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

Please note that the seminars will not intrude on anyone’s privacy. There will be some discussion/exercises but no one will feel under pressure to talk about personal matters.


Workshop Content:

SESSION 1. MINDING OURSELVES – Managing the very real stresses within the workplace

Everyone experiences stress. In fact, we all need a certain degree of stress in our lives. It helps us achieve our goals. However, research indicates that poorly managed stress is bad for our health. In particular, we need to learn how to manage unhealthy stress. This type of stress can interfere with the quality of our work and impair relationships with our fellow colleagues and patients. Indeed, it can affect the quality of our life in general.

Often faulty thinking mechanisms and unhelpful belief systems make us more stressed than we need to be. We all can learn to become more rational and compassionate. By being more neutral, objective and fair-minded in our approach to life we find that we are less impacted by stress and enjoy life better. This seminar will focus on strategies that protect and help us manage stress better.

2. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF BOUNCIBILITY – How to build resilience within ourselves.

Life is an imperfect journey and crisis is guaranteed. Resilience is the ability to adapt to the challenges of work and life. It’s about bouncing back rather than falling apart. It’s about staying standing during the storms of life. If you are strong in resilience you have this ‘bouncibility’ and can harness your inner strengths and coping mechanisms. Through ongoing cutbacks and changes the intensity of ever increasing challenges is very real. More challenges may lie ahead. Science has uncovered specific traits/factors that can be utilised at work and in our lives in general. This seminar will explore the science of resilience and highlight evidence-based strategies linked to better outcomes during changes and challenges.

SESSION 3: HEALTH AND HAPPINESS: How to ‘refresh’ your life

In recent decades research teams have started to examine positive emotion. This research has focused on what makes people happier, what gives them more meaning and purpose in life and what measures that they can take to lead them healthier. It will outline ten evidence-based strategies linked to embracing a better quality of life. The hope is that it will uplift and inspire change in the lives of those who attend but even more importantly inspire participants to incorporate it into their homes, workplaces and communities.


Workshop Details:


Registration fee:

Funding for this course will be covered by the HSE however there is a €20 booking fee. Places are limited, early application is advised.

As this is HSE funded training, priority will be given to applicants working in the publically funded Health Service.  Applicants who do not work in the publically funded Health Service may also apply; remaining places will be allocated in terms of relevance to current role.


THE FACILITATOR: Shane Martin Reg.Psychol., Ps.S.I.

Shane Martin is a psychologist dedicated to teaching the very best self-help psychology to empower people to enhance the quality of their lives. His ‘Moodwatchers’ self-help psychology course has been delivered at community venues throughout the length and breadth of Ireland. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences on a range of topics around empowerment, recovery and happiness.

He is a leading psychologist within the area of education having visited hundreds of educational institution nationwide working with management teams, teachers/lecturers, students and parents promoting a psychology of health, happiness and resilience.

He lectures part-time in DCU and has provided training to many of Ireland's leading business organisations within the public and private sector. He has delivered training to health professionals throughout Ireland. Shane delivered a Refresh Your Life Resilience workshop to a general OT audience in December 2015 and the overall feedback from this course was excellent. Shane is a published poet of two collections - The Dark Room and Stilling the Dance of Time. He is currently working on his third collection entitled Thin Lines. His first self-help psychology book entitled 'Your Precious Life - How to Live it Well' is due to be published soon. More information available on


How to Apply

If you are a social worker and wish to apply for a place, please send an e-mail to with the following information. 


Dublin or Cork:

Job Title & Key Responsibilities:


Phone Number:

Work Address:

Area of Practice: 

Applications from managers will be considered on a first come, first served basis. Due to the high volume of responses anticipated, only successful applicants will receive a response. A waiting list will be compiled from applications received. 

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