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Building Resilience for Professional Social Work Practice

  • Wisdom Centre, Sophia Housing, Cork Street, Dublin 8
  • 1.30 Registration, 2.00 - 5.00 Seminar
  • 27 Apr 2017

Price €10 IASW members/€25 non-members

Social Work Manager Training


The afternoon session is for social work managers only with the morning session open to frontline workers only.  


Directions to Venue
Please be advised that google maps often directs participants to a different location on Cork Street. Sophia Housing is on the corner of Cork St. and Ormond St. and it may be best to enter this location onto google maps. For entry into the venue, please ring buzzer at large metal gate on Cork St. for entrance to the complex. 

There is  no parking available onsite in Sophia Housing, as this is reserved for residents. There are some free parking spaces available on Ormond St. along green railings (please avoid  parking on corner or on double yellow lines as you risk being clamped). This is very limited and it may be advisable to take public transport if possible or ensure arrival early to try secure a space. 


Aims and Objectives 

1.  To explore the needs, feelings and wishes of the group around their understanding of the training creating a “safe space” for managers to explore experiences and challenges of supporting front line staff, recognising burnout and ensuring own self-care. 

2. Introduction to research findings on prevalence of burnout and resilience in social work.

3.  Examining the significance of self-care, use of supervision (as supervisor and supervisee) and peer and front line manager support to building internal resilience.

3.  Reflection on good and bad habits around individual methods of coping with stress.

4.  Knowledge transfer around personal development as critical to self-care.

6.  Development of peer support networks for mutuality of support.

7.  Action planning – use of available tools for self-care and developing own ‘toolkit’.


Dr. McFadden is a social worker who has worked in child protection and with older people. She is currently a lecturer in social work at Queens University Belfast and delivers training to front line social workers and social work managers across Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland with a focus on burnout awareness and resilience building. Her doctoral research focused on burnout and resilience in child protection social work practice in Northern Ireland and in 2015, a UK wide burnout study was conducted by Dr McFadden on behalf of Community Care © and represented 1369 social workers across all areas of practice including learning disability, physical disability, older people, child protection and mental health.  Resilience theory can be applied to how front line workers and managers work to be self-aware of the risk of burnout as a consequence of excessive exposure to adverse issues associated with the challenges in social work.  Resilience processes can be identified and applied both at individual levels and at managerial levels to counter burnout risk and help to identify workforce concerns to intervene early.   Dr McFadden has published in international peer reviewed journals including the British Journal of Social Work and Research in Social Work Practice. 



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