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Awards Recognise the Positive Impact of Social Work Practice

  • 30 Jun 2016

The Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW) held an awards ceremony on June 17th to recognise the achievements of social work staff. Five awards were presented – they included Social Worker of the Year Award, Practice Teacher of the Year Award, Social Work Team of the Year Award and Social Work Researcher of the Year Award. This year, CES sponsored the IASW Researcher of the Year Award.

The awards recognise and reward the efforts of social workers and highlight the positive impact of the profession on individuals, families and communities. 

The Researcher of the Year Award was presented jointly to two winners, reflecting the importance of both research and practice.

  • Nerilee Ceatha is a social work team leader with Tusla, the Child and Family Agency. She is currently based in Dublin North City and is about to take up a post as Research Officer in Tusla's National Research Office. Nerilee is planning to undertake a PhD. Her own research makes a valuable contribution to addressing the limited research focus on LGBT well-being and is regarded as "breaking new ground". She is active in the IASW Practitioner Research Special Interest Group.
  • Dr Carmel Halton is Director of Practice, Director of the MA/Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Fieldwork Practice and Supervision and Master of Social Work Programme in the School of Applied Social Studies in University College Cork. She was nominated for her the award because her ongoing research on Continuous Professional Development and work with CORU has been instrumental in developing frameworks and training for social workers and other health care professionals. Her research has contributed to linking theory with practice and engages everyday social work concerns. She has inspired a generation of social work practitioners to expand their research interests and to become evidence informed professionals.

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