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HSE - Safeguarding Policy Review Development Group

  • 06 Jun 2017

The HSE has established a Safeguarding Policy Review Development Group to review and revise the current policy following consideration of stakeholder feedback.

The group has broad membership across the various sectors with involvement in adult safeguarding.

A number of our social work colleagues are members of this group representing their HSE Divisions and CHOs, Committees and other Bodies involved in adult safeguarding.

Consultation on the national safeguarding policy will be undertaken in two phases:

1) This first phase will concentrate on how the policy is experienced and working in practice for current users of the policy. Some members may have completed the survey circulated by the HSE Safeguarding Office in May 2017.

2) The second phase will involve formal written submissions from stakeholder groups / individuals and direct face to face consultation via focus groups meetings for more specific feedback and consultation.

The IASW will endeavour to keep members updated on the consultation process via the SIG structures