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Hiring PAs for social workers cuts stress and saves money, finds study

29 Mar 2017

Research into innovation-backed project shows successes of hiring administrative support for social workers

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Why are social workers so reluctant to celebrate their achievements?

21 Mar 2017

Social work is forced to exist within what I call a “deficit culture”, criticised from all sides by the media, government, inspectors and even some in the profession itself. This results in a narrative about social work that says whatever it does is not only never good enough, but inept, shameful, oppressive, even naive. So let us begin to consider here what its opposite, an affirmative culture that celebrates all the good that social workers do, would look like.

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What about all the children whose lives are saved by Social Workers?

09 Mar 2017

Another week goes by and another two innocent little children's deaths have made national headlines once again.

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IASW IN THE NEWS 93% of children in State care had foster placements last year

02 Mar 2017

93% of the 6,329 minors in care of the State were living in foster families last year, according to a study by an organisation representing social workers employed in the area.

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PRESS RELEASE Launch of Report on Foster Care: Envisioning the Future

02 Mar 2017

Social Workers in Foster Care call on the Minister of Children and Youth Affairs to set up a Working Party on Foster Care

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Travellers to be recognised as ethnic minority for first time

01 Mar 2017

Taoiseach to make statement recognising unique identity of Travelling community

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