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‘Social work must challenge political and public anxieties about child protection’

16 Nov 2017

There needs to be robust and honest dialogue about the uncertainties and complexities of child protection social work, and the policies needed to achieve real change, says Jo Warner

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Ireland still paying price socially for economic crash, study finds

16 Nov 2017

Ireland, along with most EU member states, is paying the price socially for the economic crisis triggered in 2008, and has still not returned to the levels of “social justice” it enjoyed at that time, a new study finds.

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Health & Social Care Professions (HSCPs) Day 1st February 2018

14 Nov 2017

Guided by the People Strategy we plan to celebrate and acknowledge Health & Social Care Professions in our Health Service on 1st February 2018.

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Invitation to Participate in a Survey Aimed at Bridging Gaps Between Social Work Education and Practice

13 Nov 2017

Dear members of the social work profession, people who use social work services, employers of social workers, social work educators and representatives of governments,

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07 Nov 2017

Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation, Recovery

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Carers under 10 and in their 80s saving the State billions

03 Nov 2017

A hidden army of more than 195,000 carers, including children under 10 years of age, are saving the State billions of euro through unpaid work.

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