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PRESS RELEASE Launch of Report on Foster Care: Envisioning the Future

02 Mar 2017

Social Workers in Foster Care call on the Minister of Children and Youth Affairs to set up a Working Party on Foster Care

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Travellers to be recognised as ethnic minority for first time

01 Mar 2017

Taoiseach to make statement recognising unique identity of Travelling community

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HSCP Education and Development Strategy 2016-2019

28 Feb 2017

New National Health and Social Care Professions Office established in HSE

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Ireland's forgotten mixed-race child abuse victims – video

27 Feb 2017

Rosemary Adaser was one of many mixed-race children considered illegitimate who was brought up in institutions run by the Catholic church in Ireland between the 1950s and 1970s. She tells of the abuse and racist treatment she suffered, and returns to her school in Kilkenny for the first time in 40 years and attempts to answer questions about her past

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Being poor should be included as health risk factor

07 Feb 2017

Less well-off face reduced life expectancy of 2.1 years, new research shows

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