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RTE Radio 1 feature on A Day in the Life of a Social Worker

12 Oct 2016

IASW Chairperson Frank Browne (HSE) and member Maria McGloughlin (TUSLA) talk about their work on the Sean O Rourke show

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Participate in the Health Sector National Staff Survey

10 Oct 2016

A National Staff Survey, Your Opinion Counts, is being carried out across the Health Sector this autumn. The survey is now live and will run from 28th September - 28th October 2016.

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Campaign for better working conditions for Social Workers

07 Oct 2016

A study in Northern Ireland just released by the Northern Ireland Association of Social Workers (NIASW) showed that 88% of social workers work additional unpaid hours, and nearly half of social workers report the burden of paperwork and lack of administrative support as the single or joint greatest challenge they face in their role.

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Advice for student social workers from those who’ve done the job

29 Sep 2016

I asked people from across the sector to offer some guiding words for students starting their social work journeys. Here's what they said...

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Children’s services is not an obvious source of comedy, but Damned pulls off the difficult feat of being both funny and poignant

27 Sep 2016

Jo Brand's new sitcom Damned stars herself and Alan Davies as overworked employees in a Children’s Services department, who employ black humour to help them get through each day

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IASW Social Work Awards 2016 featured in Health Matters

27 Sep 2016

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