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Probation chief backs youth bail scheme trying to keep 'as many young people out of the custodial system'

20 Sep 2016

A new bail scheme for juveniles charged with a criminal offence is trying to keep “as many young people out of the custodial system” as possible, the head of the Probation Service has said.

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Recruiting social workers would aid foster care

19 Sep 2016

Profits of private companies could be used to build State’s resources

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Would criminalising social workers give us the chance of a fair hearing?

02 Sep 2016

UK Plans for a new crime of ‘wilful neglect’ might allow professionals to explain the challenges they face – and mount a defence

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Meet the social workers supporting refugees in Calais

31 Aug 2016

Two social workers share their experiences of responding to the refugee crisis and campaigning for people's right to safe passage

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Coming months will tell us if Government has the will to deliver on housing plan

31 Aug 2016

Enduring problems such as rents and vacant properties must be faced up to

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Despite recovery, Ireland remains a hugely unequal society

24 Aug 2016

Children and women are worst hit by a society whose policies refuse to cherish all its people equally

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