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1,800 tip-offs of people with disabilities abused in care

18 Jul 2016

The health watchdog Hiqa noted more than 1,800 notifications last year claiming that people with disabilities were being abused in care.

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Quality of life problems differ by age group and social class

13 Jul 2016

This ESRI paper highlights the importance of considering a range of issues, in addition to income and material living standards, when measuring quality of life. Report author Dorothy Watson notes “Policies aiming to maximise quality of life should consider how numerous issues, including health and housing, are experienced differently across age groups, particularly among those who are most disadvantaged.”

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Child Protection Service cannot be sufficiently provided - IASW

12 Jul 2016

Please click on the following link to read article by Frank Browne- Chair of IASW in relation to Child Protection Services in The New Ross Standard.

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What's the role of social work: to change society or to help individuals?

11 Jul 2016

An international social work conference in South Korea has discussed the purpose of the profession in a changing world

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Ireland next venue for Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development

07 Jul 2016

The Irish Association of Social Workers and partners have been successful in securing Ireland as the next venue for the joint global Social Work, Education and Social Development conference from 4-7 July 2018.

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‘I’ve had 25 social workers. It’s a terrible system’

04 Jul 2016

Young adults with experience of Irish residential care came together with children still in the system for an ‘agenda day’ of pizza and chat, to hear what they think needs to change

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