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Call For Papers 7th National Child Protection and Welfare Social Work Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS: Opens 12/2/19. Closes 19/4/19. Decisions 31/5/19. 

CONFERENCE THEME: Child Protection and Welfare Social Work Practice: What's Your Vision?

Child protection and welfare in Ireland is experiencing a period of ongoing change encompassing legislative, policy and system reform. The conference will explore how these continuing developments have impacted on practice, practitioners and children and families. Whilst considering current innovations and practice, the conference will also explore ideas and visions for the future. How do we become the best that we can be? Child Protection and Welfare Social Work Practice: What's Your Vision?

The conference committee invites practitioners, academics, managers, service users, policy-makers, community groups and social commentators to submit on the theme for this conference. We especially welcome papers from practitioners which reflect issues arising in everyday practice in child protection and welfare. Your abstract will be peer-reviewed by one academic, one practitioner and the chairperson of the Scientific Committee. Preference will be given to presentations that present a unique study, practice innovation, policy etc. that has not been presented previously and which is aligned to the theme of the conference. The conference is open to all disciplines and services.

Presentation formats
Oral Papers:  The conference committee are inviting abstracts which can be presented in the form of an Oral Paper. The duration of the Oral Paper presentation is 15 minutes and can relate to research, practice, system development or policy issues relevant to the conference theme. Time will be allowed for audience discussion in the session.

Symposia: The conference committee are also inviting proposals for symposia. The symposia will take place over a 1 hours 30 minutes’ period and the committee are open to all proposals, including; debates, research data-collection, practice skills sessions, development of position papers on topics and so on. Presenters will be expected to structure the symposia to allow for audience participation and input. Please submit one abstract per symposium through Ex Ordo, but symposium organisers should also email a more detailed proposal to the Scientific Committee Chairperson ( with more detailed information on contributors, the rationale for the symposium, details on the format and structure of the symposium, outline the link between the symposium topic and the conference theme, and a description of how delegate participation will be fostered.  Due to space constraints we will have limited capacity to host symposia, therefore a very strong rationale will need to be presented as to why a symposium is required rather than an oral paper.