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Special report from ISAW AGM

The Irish Social Worker Journal - Spring 1991


  • Juvenile justice: glimmer of hope at last?
  • A comprehensive community care structure-proposals for a national plan
  • Minister outlines wide-ranging child care reforms
  • Overworked midlands social workers cry out for relief
  • People benefit in regionalised Spain
  • The powers to protect abused children
  • Reflections on child protection and the Cleveland affair
  • Patterns of decision making in child care
  • On what do we base our opinion?
  • Courtroom skills for social workers
  • Sexuality and mental handicap
  • Social workers critised for becoming therapeutic specialists
  • Seminar report "Romanian adoption"
  • Plenary session-social work education and training
  • Devils, Witches and social workers
  • Inter-country adoption and post-adoption work