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The Irish Social Worker - Winter 2012

The Story of Raoul Wallenberg; Eternal lessons and Inspiration for the Profession of Social Work by Sandra Boland

Participant Perspectives on Home Visitation Services for Older People by Michael Quirke

The Alienated Child by Brian O Sullivan

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders pre-training evaluation: What the Irish Social Workers are saying by Nneka Orakwue Liam Curran and Michele Savage

The Irish Welfare State and the Economic Crisis: The time to consider a Universal Welfare Model by Dr. Fiona Dukelow

A Letter to Santa by Joe McCarthy

Attachment Theory and Substance abuse by Jenny McDonnell

Attachment Theory: Parental Divorce and Separation by Deborah Walsh

Attachment Theory in the Current Context of Irish Prisons by Niamh Carton

Peoples early Attachments affect their experiences later in life by Denise Ryan

Book review by Tracey McKenna - Childrens Rights and Child Protection Critical Times, Critical issues in Ireland