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Research and Analysis - Spring 2015

Research and Analysis - Spring 2015

Editoral by Guest Editor Gloria Kirwan

Support by: Frank Browne & Saragh McGarrigle


  • Post Custody Supervision in the United States: A Review of Best Practices. By; Christine S. Scott-Hayward
  • Search & Reunion in Adoption: mThe Aftermath of the Film 'Philomena' and an Opportunity to Shape Change. By: Dr. Valerie O'Brien & Sahana Mitra
  • Problematic Internet Use and Young People: Researching the Knowledge & Experience of Social Workers in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services. By: Steven Peet & Iain McGowan
  • Vulernable Families & Drug Use: Examining Care Admissions of Children of Parents Attending an Irish Drug Treatment Facility. By: Aidan McGivern & Chloe McDonnell 
  • Medical Social Work in Ireland: An Exploration of Service Users' Perspectives. By: Maeve Foreman
  • The Current Economic Recession: Social Work Perspectives on its impact on People with Intellectual Disability. By: Susan Flynn
  • Drug Treatment Courts: Redefining Successes and Failures through Participants Narratives. By: Darren Broomfield


  • 'Slavery - Now & Then' and 'Shouting into the Silence'. Reviewed by Stephen Roche
  • 'An Introduction to Cognitative Behaviour Therapy Skills & Applications'. Reviewed by Jeanne Forde