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Relationship based practice central to Social Work - Summer 2017

Relationship based practice central to Social Work - Summer 2017

Editoral by Frank Browne


The Compass of Shame: a reflective tool in developing self-awareness and enhancing and maintaining effective relationships. By Majella Hickey

Potential benefits of mindfulness for young people who have engaged in sexually abusive or sexually harmful behaviour and their social workers. By Nigel King.

The [Re]Turn to Relationship-based Social Work. by Erna O'Connor

The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015: What it is and how it matters to health and social care professionals. by Brendan D. Kelly

Values and Ethics Discourses in Irish Social Work: Which values do practitioners view as realistic and implementable in day to day practice?. by Joe Whelan

Fabrication or induction of illness in older adults: a rare form of maltreatment. by Esther Ngambi and Pauline Glavin

Restorative justice practice: Rejection or reflection of social work values. By Susan Commins (first published: Irish Probation Journal Oct 2016)

Perspective Piece: Social Work Training in Ireland: Is generic Professional training adequate to modern social work?. by Roberta Mulligan

Book Reviews

Social Work in 42 Objects (and more) curated by Mark Doel (2017)

Bringing up Happy Confident Children. A practical Guide to nurturing resilience, self-esteem and emotional well-being by John Sharry

Social Work in a Diverse Society (2016). Edited by Charlotte Williams and Mekeda Graham

Effective Group Leadership by Gerard Fitzpatrick

Poster Presentations

From the IASW Social Work National Conference


Eleanor Anna Holmes

Eamonn McCarthy