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Adult Safeguarding and Protection (ASaP) Associate Group

The purpose of the Adult Safeguarding and Protection IASW associated group is to provide a forum for the development and implementation and advocacy for the best professional standards in safeguarding in Ireland. The group provides an opportunity for sharing and learning, exchanging information and lobbying on issues relating to safeguarding of adults at risk.

The vision is for all adults to be safeguarded with equal access to protection across Ireland and supported within the code of ethics and standard of best professional social work practice.

The mission of the group is for professional social workers to act in solidarity to advocate for safeguarding and protection of all adults who are vulnerable and at risk of abuse, exploitation and neglect, aged over 18 years, within Ireland. Social Workers to operate within best professional practice and high standards with adults at risk within Ireland. To have a sufficient legislative safeguarding and protection framework within Ireland.

Aims and objectives of the ASaP Associate Group:

  • 1. Establish and maintain a cross-sector Adult Safeguarding and Protection social work group.
  • 2. Gather, share and discuss knowledge, research and developments in safeguarding.
  • 3. To raise awareness about Adult Safeguarding and associated topics.
  • 4. Represent professional social work on various safeguarding committees nationally and locally.
  • 5. Encourage the development of an informed and collective social work opinion, and advocacy to advance / promote Adult Safeguarding across Ireland.
  • 6. Critically analyse Adult Safeguarding from a professional, legal, socio-economic, cultural, equality, diverse and inclusive and rights-based perspective, within the Irish context and with reference to international research and standard of best practice.
  • 7. Ensure that social workers are active participants in the integration and implementation of Adult Safeguarding knowledge into service provision across ALL sectors.


We welcome membership from a wide variety of settings in Adult social work, safeguarding, disability, residential and aftercare, mental health, medical and primary care, homeless and social housing services, older persons as well as representatives from Academics, students and those with an interest in adult safeguarding. Membership is also open to those working in statutory, voluntary agencies and charities.

The membership numbers in 2020 are:  46 members.


The Chair, Vice- Chair and Secretary are elected at the AGM in-line with IASW Rules and Byelaw.

Committee Members:

The A/Committee members are:

  • Jacinta Barrett - Chair
  • Bernadette Casey - National Safeguarding Manager, SVP (RoI and NI) - Vice Chair
  • Rosemary Keenan/Laura O'Neill - Secretaries

Roles will be formally placed at AGM 2021.

The Chair, Vice- Chair and Secretaries are elected at the AGM in-line with IASW Rules and Byelaw.


Our meetings will take place at 5pm to 6pm on the last Thursday of every month via Zoom

Details will be sent via the safeguarding IASW email address at 

Sharing & Learning (CPD) Information and Articles: 

o   Ref to Law Reform Commission on statutory framework for safeguarding

o   Falling Through the Cracks: The case for change. Key developments and next steps for Adult Safeguarding in Ireland

o   IPA Safeguarding Implementation Authority Paper

o   Safeguarding Ireland

o   CRA Safeguarding Guidelines for Vulnerable Adults and Children

o   HSE Vulnerable Adult Awareness training

Books - References 

Book recommendations and purchase links can be found here: ASaP Book Recommendations