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International Qualifications – Registering & Practising as a Social Worker in Ireland

If you hold an international qualification and you are interested in working in the Republic of Ireland, you must apply to CORU have your qualification recognised. Registration with CORU is a mandatory requirement.  

Information on the validation of international qualifications and how to apply here: 

Once registered with CORU you will be eligible to join IASW! There are so many benefits for joining the IASW:

  • Fitness to Practise Insurance Coverage. If a complaint is made to CORU, we provide immediate legal advice, counsel, and up to 250k in legal expense coverage. (Only included in Full, Part-time, and First Year Post Qualify memberships)
  • Job vacancies are emailed directly to members and in a members-only section of our website
  • Special Interest Groups for community support in your sector as well as influence in policy and representing the IASW
  • Please visit our website find out more about membership benefits, which include weekly job advertisements, reduced rate CPD training, CPD resources, insurance coverage, etc.       

Information on the Compensation Measures / Feedback from CORU on your registration application

If the Registration Board identifies deficits against the required standards of proficiency for that profession, they may be addressed through compensation measures. There are two compensation measure options to choose from: a Period of Adaptation (POA) or an Aptitude Test (AT).

1) Period of Adaptation:

  • It can be difficult to secure an unpaid work experience placement supervised by a social worker in Ireland, as these places are generally allocated to social work students.
  • Employers can be reluctant to take on social workers for periods of adaption as they do not have the required insurances or police checks.

2) Interview & Assessment.

  • CORU provides information & guidance notes with a template, which you use to complete the written submission. 
  • Based on the experience of a CORU interviewer at this process - the candidate usually gives two or three cases they have worked on - either from their placements or work experiences - social work based if possible. 
  • The template has a section for the candidate to link the Standards of Proficiency - all relevant sub-categories under the 6 Domains headings - to the evidence they are providing in the case scenarios – their job is to demonstrate that they have the skills to practice as a social worker.
  • It is possible to link their practice to social work theory - so that if they are asked - for example: what theory informed your practice/decision making here – They can display knowledge and give an evidenced based reply. 
  • The candidate should also be able to demonstrate they have transferable skills from their other roles/post-qualifying experience.
  • Some evidence of their knowledge of social policy here would be useful.

While CORU or IASW cannot advise on which option would be best, the following may be useful in making the decision:

  • The POA may be suitable for a person to gain experience in an area or modality which they do not currently have experience.
  • The AT may be suitable for a person to demonstrate that they do in fact have the experience in the areas listed as substantial deficits which the applicant could not demonstrate in the paper-based application.

For more information visit this section of the CORU website on 

The Health Service Executive of Ireland have an International Recruitment - Relocation Package.
Read more information here: FAQ International Recruitment – Relocation Package