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IASW - The Voice of Social Work

Since March, sweeping changes to how we live our lives have impacted on how social work is practiced and on those who need and use social work services. IASW members have contacted the Association to highlight their concerns, illustrating a patchy and fragmented response by employers, and serious worry and concern for those made more vulnerable by the pandemic and the impact of lockdown restrictions.

The IASW continues to respond to the concerns and issues raised by social workers and represents those concerns at national level through correspondence with key stakeholders as well as through our media work. Please see the downloads section on this page for press releases and correspondence. Selected media coverage of IASW concerns and solutions can be viewed in the news section at

During lockdown, the Irish Association of Social Workers saw that crucial information on how social workers are supported (or are unsupported) to do the work they need to do was missing. To capture this information, hear the worries and concerns of social workers, and explore the experiences of and adaptability of social work in an era of pandemic, we sought and received permission from the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) to replicate and adapt their Social work during Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Ongoing Survey. We also sought and received funding support from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) to conduct the IASW Social Work During Covid-19 Ongoing Survey. You can see more information here:

The IASW has also lobbied for the inclusion of social work expertise to inform the development of national policy in response to the impact of the pandemic and associated lockdown restrictions. Social work is uniquely positioned to influence and inform the development and design of psychosocial responses to meet the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable and those whose voices have remained unheard and ignored. This work also serves to enhance understanding of the role of social work. We have been successful in securing social work expertise is included on a number of groups at national level.

IASW members have also taken on leadership roles in responding and have shared their creative and innovative responses to emerging challenges and need. Many of these resources, tools and information have been disseminated through the IASW to the wider social work community. You can view these resources at