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Membership Survey 2020

Getting to the Heart of What Matters – Member Survey 2020

We carried out our member survey ‘Getting to the Heart of What Matters’ in October 2020.  The aim of the survey was to understand what members really want from the IASW and how we can continue to improve and tailor our services even more to meet their needs.

An Excellent Response

The 412 (30%+) response rate was excellent and shows that members care about the IASW. A sincere thank you to everyone who participated for your time and responses!

How Members Feel and What Matters Most

This survey has given us a more accurate picture of how members feel about the IASW and what matters most. The results have provided us with detailed information about member experience, perceptions, key member benefits, communication, and a little bit about our members too.

The Full Story

We have compiled the results of the Member Survey 2020 into this infographic below so that you can get the full story, at a glance.


Members Survey 2020 Infographic PDF
IASW_Member Survey 2020_Infographic.pdf
Download (High Quality PDF 2MB)  

Our Commitment to Our Members

The response to the Member Survey 2020 comes at a time when we are in a very challenging environment. It presents concrete feedback about how we can work to continue to meet our member’s needs. As ever we are committed to all our members to provide support and representation in the practice of our profession, as well as the opportunity to improve the standards and quality of social work in Ireland.

Read the Full Report

If you would like to read the full Member Survey 2020 Report and dig further into the detail you can download a copy here: IASW Member Survey 2020

If you have any feedback or comments on the survey results please contact us by email

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2020 Membership Survey_Analysis & Conclusions by Question
Analysis and Report: ‘Getting to The Heart of What Matters’

Member Perception 

IASW_Member Survey 2020_Description

Feeling Positive 

IASW_Member Survey 2020_Positive 

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