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Social Workers working with Children & Families (C&F) Special Interest Group

The Child and Family Special Interest Group (SIG) of the IASW is involved in all matters relating to the service provided to children and families in Community Social Work


Meetings took place via zoom on:

  • 30th April
  • 21st May
  • 18th June
  • 16th July
  • 8th September

Our role includes

  • Advocating on behalf of service users
  • Representing Social Workers’ views
  • Highlighting service needs, such as staff & resource issues 
  • Membership of IASW Council – to advise the association of children & family issues
  • Liaising with policy makers (HSE & Government Departments) through the IASW
  • Linking with NGO’s such as The Children’s Rights Alliance 
  • Drafting and promoting policy documents such as 2011: ‘A Call for Change’
  • Organising training events and speakers on topical & practice issues 

The C&F SIG is re-launching and all members should keep an eye on the IASW website for the meeting date.

All meetings will be by via Zoom Conference Call and we will post details of how to join each meeting. 

The group is open to all members with an interest in working with children and families, across all disciplines.

Members interested in joining can signal interest through the IASW Office: